How China’s Star of the Year Became a Star of Death, and What We Can Learn from Its Story

When it comes to astrology and horoscopes, China has long had a reputation for being a source of bad luck.

That’s not exactly true.

There are plenty of people in China who get their horoscopically oriented and/or astrological studies through the state-run institutes, but for most of the population, the process is quite straightforward.

You just buy the books and you follow the instructions.

That is, until now.

China has an extremely restrictive and repressive government.

This has been particularly noticeable for astrologers, who are generally forbidden from entering the country without a passport.

The government has also made it very difficult to do astrology outside of its own country, which makes the practice extremely difficult.

When I was a child, astrology was quite popular in China.

It was quite a good thing to have it, because you could study it, but if you wanted to have a proper job, you couldn’t do it.

And I didn’t have a job, so I never had a chance to study astrology.

So when I went to university, I took it seriously.

I did a year of courses on astrology with the Chinese astrologer.

I went back to the UK and did my own course, which I really enjoyed, but I was not able to get my passport into China because the Chinese government did not allow astrologists to work with foreigners.

I was told that the Chinese had to have their passport to work in China, and I was very confused.

So I went through all the channels, which is where I met the astrologist who has since become one of my best friends.

He is one of the most astrologic people I have met.

I have never been able to speak to him in person, but we have talked a lot.

The first thing I said when I met him was, “I have a very simple question for you.”

He replied, “Yes, yes, I’m glad to hear it.”

So I said, “How do you feel about the fact that the stars in your astrologic chart are aligned with death?”

And he said, “… it’s not a big deal, but it is something that needs to be addressed.

That was the first time I had ever heard this word.

The other thing I asked him was: “How did you learn to do this?”

And then I said: “I learned it by watching people do it.”

He said, “Do you have any special knowledge about the planets?”

So I explained the theory of the stars.

I said,  “I don’t think there is any such thing as a ‘planet’.

There are hundreds of planets in our solar system, and the stars that are aligned in our astrolograph are aligned as we know them.

“You just do what you do, and you are good.”

So, it’s like that.

I also told him that the other stars in my chart were not aligned with the moon, so that would be a huge deal.

He agreed, so we went back and I said to him, “You said it’s a big thing, but you know how to do it?

How did you get your passport into this country?”

And, in Chinese, I don’t really have any words for that.

He was surprised, but he understood that I was talking about the stars, not about the moon.

He said that, “That’s good, but there are people who don’t do that, so there are still people who can’t do this.”

So then I explained that I am a person who does this, and then I asked, “So, how do you know what the stars are going to do next?”

He said “Well, I guess they’re going to go to the Moon.”

So he said that is good, so, in that case, it is good.

I asked how long this would last.

He answered, “For three years, but this will only last for one year.”

That was great, because I had no idea about that.

So, that was very exciting, because it meant that I didn, in fact, get my own passport.

But it wasn’t enough for me.

My parents were also astrologically inclined.

They liked astrology a lot, and so they would buy astrology books.

I remember one book that was a very good seller.

I didn´t buy it, since I was in the UK, but a friend of mine bought it.

So that was when I really got my passport, and that was also the moment that I started doing my own astrolograms, because the astrology book had been in my collection for so long.

So, the next thing I did was to look into astrology again. I