How to find your astrology chart in India? (Guide to finding your astrological chart in Indian)

In an effort to make astrology more accessible to the Indian public, Google has announced a new astrology app.

The new app will be available for free download on February 1.

The astrology map app, which is expected to be available in India by the end of this year, will be similar to Google’s existing astrology software, but will be much simpler to use.

The app will provide a list of your major astrolignical charts and astrolinguistic charts, as well as other charts you may wish to check out.

The app will also include charts for different astrolognes.

The first chart will be called the ‘Dance of the Gods’, and will have the information listed in English in its name, alongside the Astrological Chart, the chart with the number of the goddess of dance.

Other charts will be included in the app as well.

The chart is not the only new feature.

There will also be a section of astrologic charts, which can be viewed from within the app, as shown in the image above.

The new app has also been designed to support India’s new ‘digital astrology’ revolution.

Google has partnered with astrology consultancy Astrology Lab to provide support for the app.

Google spokesperson Alastair Roberts told Quartz that the new app is intended to be accessible to all astrologers in India, rather than being tailored to specific populations.

“In our quest to give the public more access to their own personal astrolograph, we are pleased to partner with Astrology Labs and to share our vision of the future of astrology.

The result of our collaboration will be a beautifully designed app that brings you the best in astrology in a simple and accessible way,” he said.

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