What to know about astrology and birthdays in 2018

Astrology dates are a great way to help you get a little extra information on what’s going on in your life.

The planets, their signs and their planets can be confusing, and astrology is no exception.

The dates on the planets, along with their signs, are based on the astronomical calendar, but astrology can also be based on a human calendar.

In some cases, it may even include a calendar date that is based on human culture.

So, if you’re thinking about a birthday, you may want to start with the dates on a planet, such as Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus.

The signs of a planet’s planets can vary widely, and some planets have more than one sign.

The Moon is the most common sign of a solar system planet.

Mercury is the third most common planet in the solar system, and it is not uncommon to see Mercury and Venus together.

Venus has the fifth most common solar system sign, and that sign is Scorpio.

Mercury has a number of planets that are in the same sign as it, such that it can be difficult to tell the planets apart.

Mercury, Venus and Mars can all be seen with binoculars.

The Sun and planets are also sometimes visible with binocs, telescopes that allow you to focus on the sky in one direction.

For example, the Sun is seen with a small telescope, which is easier to see if you have a large binocular.

The best way to see planets in your area is by looking at the sky, or looking at a telescope.

If you don’t have a telescope, you can look at the planets with a binocular from about 200 feet away, or a small binocular, which will be able to give you a better view of the sky.

If your area has a large telescope, the telescope is usually easy to use, though you may have to get a special license.

Astronomers in some areas have been able to use binocular vision to find some planets, but you will need to have binocular glasses or other special equipment.

The planet you’re looking at is called its planet name.

The date on the planet is called the planet’s date of birth.

The sign of the planet you are looking at on the date is called that planet’s sign.

There are many more dates in astrology than you may think.

Sometimes a sign is more important than a date.

For instance, the date on Mercury’s planet is a sign of Gemini, but that planet is also associated with Saturn.

For more information on how to learn about astrological signs, and what they mean, read about the signs of the planets in our article on what to know if you are an astrologer.

Birthdays The birthdays of planets are a perfect way to remember the history of your life and to look back on the people who have shaped your life over the years.

Many planets have their birthdays based on an astronomical calendar.

For planets that do not have a calendar, you will find a list of planets on the astrolabe website, or on a sign’s planet page.

Astronomical calendar birthdays and birthdates in 2018