How the Decans Astronomical Association is getting more than it bargained for

SAN FRANCISCO — Decans Astrology is getting a much-needed boost in popularity and membership after a new survey found it’s more popular among millennials than older generations.

A survey of nearly 1,500 U.S. adults by the Decanters Astrology Research Foundation found that 75% of millennials ages 18 to 34 said they have been a member or follower in the past year.

About half of millennials said they are actively seeking new members.

That’s up from 46% of older millennials and 49% of those ages 35 to 49.

“Millennials are more active than older people in their social and recreational pursuits,” said John DeMarco, Decans chief executive officer and founder.

“They are looking for people to connect with and share their thoughts and feelings.”

He said millennials are not only searching for more astrology advice, but also for more information.

“It’s a new experience for them.

They don’t necessarily know the language of astrology.

They have to take it in,” DeMarco said.

The Decans survey also found that more millennials (58%) said they were active members than older Americans.

A smaller number of millennials (15%) said that they had been a subscriber or follower.

About 40% of the millennials surveyed said they use Decans as a source of astrological information.

The study also found a lot of people want to know more about astrology than they have time for.

Nearly one in five respondents (19%) said it is difficult to find information about astrolabe or astrology online.

About one in four millennials said the internet can be confusing.

The survey also asked millennials about their relationship to astrology and whether they felt it was helpful to them.

About 30% said they felt they did not need to know anything about astrologers and astrology for personal and professional reasons.

DeMarco says Decans is working on a survey of about 500 people this summer to see how millennials feel about Decans astrolabies.

The foundation, which has a network of 50-plus locations across the country, said it has reached out to Decans to ask them to share their survey results.

Decans, which was founded in 1949, is based in San Francisco.

It was founded by two former members of the famed Astrology Club of America who now live in Santa Clara, Calif.

The Astrology Forum was created by the Astrologers Club of Washington, D.C. In the 1970s, the Astrology Foundation launched Decans.

Since that time, it has expanded into a network and a newsletter, which DeMarco also runs.

In addition to the Astrolabys newsletter, Decisions offers astrology classes and offers educational and educational support to people looking for astrology guidance.

The newsletter also offers a free weekly video course on astrology at Decans headquarters in San Jose, Calif., and is part of the AstroLogica network.

The website also offers information on the Decades Astronomical Society and the Decisions Foundation.

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