How to make a perfect astrology appointment – with the help of celebrity soulmates

Astrology is all about predicting the future, but with celebrity soul mates, it’s no different.

Here are our best tips for making an astrology date with the stars.


Get to know them – it’s easy to get attached to a soulmate but if you’ve never met them before, it can be difficult to get a real understanding of their personality.

Make an appointment beforehand with someone you know you might fall in love with and get to know their style and interests.

You might even be able to ask them questions.

It’s important to ask these questions to get an idea of their background, so you can get to the heart of their love story.


Make a good impression – find out more about your date’s background, and ask them about how they found you.

This will help you build your relationship, and make your date feel more like an extension of you.

Make sure you’re asking them questions about their interests and their past experiences so you know what you’re getting into.


Take the time – do you want to make the best of an imperfect opportunity?

Make an effort to get to work, or meet someone special, like your favourite musician.

Try to get them to come and hang out with you for the duration of the date.

If you don’t feel like getting to know someone you love at work, it may be a good idea to go to their favourite restaurant and spend a few minutes chatting to them.


Make the most of your time – take time to chat with them, make plans for the evening, and enjoy the day.

Astrologers and astrology books are packed with advice on how to get the most out of an appointment, so it’s important you listen to the advice from both sides.


Enjoy the date – Astrology doesn’t have to be dull, it just needs to be interesting.

It can be great fun, but remember to enjoy yourself.

You can get a great vibe from your date by hanging out with them during the day, and hanging out together after work, even if you have an appointment.

If they make you laugh, it will be nice to hear they love you too.

Make them feel special.


Have fun – make it a great night out, or get out to dinner and have a good time.

It may be hard to understand how to date someone with no prior experience, but the more you understand their personalities, the better you can understand how they see the world.

Make your date as interesting as possible by asking questions and exploring their world.


Make it fun – ask for a date with a friend, get some exercise, and be adventurous!

Be adventurous with your date, especially if you like exploring different parts of the world, and if you’re dating someone who loves to dance, you may have an amazing date!

You may even have an astrologer and an astrological soulmate, so having an astro-date is a great opportunity to meet them and get together.


Get the details – Astrologer Astrology, by Dr Helen Lee, is a wonderful book for anyone interested in astrology.

You’ll find an astral profile of your soulmate with lots of information on how they feel about their life, their personality, and their astrology horoscope.

This is invaluable information for both people who love to look at astrology and people who don’t.


Get your own astrology guide – you’ll find detailed astrology guides for different ages and preferences, so this book can be a great source of information for people of all ages.

It also includes advice on choosing a soul mate, and getting the most from an astrogation date.


Make time for an astroturf date – don’t be afraid to take a nap if you need a break from the stressful life of being a soul-mate.

This can be as simple as a visit to a spa or a private pool, or it can go beyond a nap.

Get out and explore in nature.

Astrology can be used to predict what will happen in the future.

Get an astronomical astrodate with your soul mate.


Find a friend or family member who shares your interests and values – you don, or can, find someone who shares yours.

There are lots of people who can share your love of art and music, as well as your love for food and travel, but for most people, it’ll be you.

If this sounds like a good match, get to chatting with them and have them tell you about their background and experiences.


Get inspired – there’s no better way to get inspired than by spending an hour together, or an hour alone.

You will definitely fall in Love with the person you are with, and there is nothing more inspiring than sharing an experience with them.

You may also find yourself looking forward to seeing the sky.

It’ll be the