The future of astrology is uncertain

By STEPHANIE PELTONAPIAThe future of the astrology market in the US is uncertain, with a number of companies now reporting they were unable to secure enough funding to keep the business afloat.

According to the American Astrology Association (AASA), the number of certified and registered astrologers has fallen by more than 50 percent since 2011.

It said the number is still relatively high compared to other fields, but said this has been due to a number in the industry, including the increasing popularity of alternative methods and the advent of more sophisticated technologies.

The industry is also suffering from a lack of support for research and education, said Dr Daniel Furlong, executive director of the AASA, adding that this has led to a lack in qualified staff to teach the field.

“There are still many astrologer out there who are still trying to find a market and not finding it,” he said.

“They’re often in a very limited market, and they have limited resources and they’re not prepared to dedicate their time to this field.”

Many states, including New York, have passed laws mandating that astrologists provide evidence to support their beliefs.

But there are many astrology enthusiasts who disagree, and have formed a small network of organisations that seek to educate people about the science of astrological beliefs.AASAP, which is the national body representing the field, has warned that the trend is not sustainable, and has urged astrologic businesses to be self-sufficient.

“The science of the human mind is not limited to the physical realm,” the organisation said.

“The field of astro-magick is not restricted to a single realm of human experience.

It embraces the entire universe and the infinite worlds beyond the physical.”

It is the foundation of all that is good in the universe and in the human experience.

“Dr Furlooong said there was a lack, but also a growing interest, in astrology and astrology-related fields, which he described as “the future of our society”.”

The demand for astrology will continue to grow,” he told AAP.”

In the coming years, it will continue on a trajectory that is sustainable, because the demand is there.

“But there’s always a risk of disruption in the future, because people want to use it in a more practical and practical way.”AASPA’s research showed that in the past four years, the number has increased by 15 percent in the United States.

The organisation said in an advisory published in the journal Applied Astrology last week that the number will continue rising in the coming decades, and that it expects this trend to continue.

“While the field of Astrology is a relatively new field, it has seen exponential growth in recent years, and there are signs that the demand for Astrology may be increasing,” it said. 

The US has a population of 1.3 billion people.

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