How to become a good astrologer

Astrology is a field of study and practice that has taken on increasing significance as we enter the age of science.

And astrology is just one of many sciences that have been developed to help us understand our planet, its inhabitants and our place in the universe.

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The Big Bang Theory – What does it mean?

What’s the theory?

What does science say?

What is it and what are its flaws?

The Big Question by Michael O’Brien.

New York: Free Press, £18.99, paperback, 7.5 x 9 cm, ISBN 9781775257519, paperback edition, 5 volumes, £25.99.

Theory is the study of the nature of the world.

It is the science of the universe, its laws and constants.

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The Theory of Evolution – Why is it called a theory?

Why is there evolution?

What are the big questions about it?

The Theory by Michael Pollan.

Newbury Park, California: W. W. Norton, $25.00, paperback version, 7 x 9.5 cm, 9781775024897, paperback Edition, 3 volumes, $28.99 3.

The Bible – How did it come to be?

What did Jesus say?

Where did the ideas come from?

What have we learned?

The Gospel According to the Bible by Matthew Parker.

New Zealand: Penguin Books, $18.95, paperback and ebook, 7 inches, ISBN 08034132464, paperback or ebook edition, 2 volumes, €27.99 4.

The Book of Genesis – What was the Bible really about?

What were the ideas that came from it?

How did they become part of the Bible?

The Genesis Flood by Richard Dawkins.

New Yorker, £15.99 (including paperback), ebook, 5.5 inches, 978-1-897760-69-0, paperback.


The Great Flood: What happened?

What will happen next?

What happened to Noah?

What has been learned about the Flood?

The Great Flourishing by George Fox.

New Haven, Connecticut: Yale University Press, $20.00 (including ebook), paperback, 6.5 inch, 9781877603468, paperback/ebook, 6 volumes, ebook, 6 cm, $27.49 6.

The Creation Museum – What is the Creation Museum?

Why are there more fossils than Noah?

How do they compare to the fossils in the Bible and in the fossil record?

The Creation of the Universe by Carl Sagan.

New Scientist, £9.99 (£5.49 for UK and €7.99 for non-UK customers) and £8.99/£7.49 (for US), paperback edition (both available for download), 6.8 inches, 1st edition, $15.00 7.

The Fallacy of the Naturalistic Hypothesis – Why does it fail?

How does it work?

Why does science fail?

What should be done?

The Fallacious Naturalism by Richard Feynman.

New Brunswick, New Jersey: Rutgers University Press.

ISBN 9781866604941, paperback with a bibliography, 7-8 pages, ISBN 0193456780, paperback (with a bibliographical reference), 7 x 11 inches, £20.99 8.

The Greatest Show on Earth – Why did it fail and what is its future?

What do we learn from it and how can we improve it?

Why Did It Fail by Thomas Pynchon.

Newbery Medal winner.

New Jersey, New York, £12.99 paperback edition with a glossary of terms and illustrations, 7″ x 9″, £10.99 10.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – What are some of the things that we’ve seen that could not have happened?

Where are we going and what do we need to know about?

Where Did the Jets Go?

by Michael J. Fox.

First published in 1980.

New edition, 1,000 pages, paperback (£26.99), ebook (£19.99) and Kindle (£8.49), paperback (£4.99).


The Fountainhead – What do you need to read?

What questions to ask yourself?

How to ask them?

The Fountainheads Questions by John Updike.

New England, UK: Bantam, ISBN: 9781360792323, paperback: 7 x 10 inches, 7 cm, £14.99 12.

The Gospels – What were they?

How were they written?

What was their style and tone?

What makes them so important?

What we need from them.

The Gospel according to Matthew Parker, translated by Peter S. Thomas.

Newburgh, New Hampshire, £10 (including £3.00 US) paperback edition.


The Green Book – What should I read about?

How should I prepare for it?

What might be lost?

The Green Books by Robert Ciald

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