Which country has the best coffee?

Canada has some of the best cup of coffee in the world, but many of its citizens do not live in the country, or are not familiar with its cup, according to a new study.

The study looked at the world’s 10 most populated countries and found that Canada is the most coffee-savvy country in the Americas.

“In fact, we were one of the very few places to actually get more coffee in our homes,” says David Hildebrand, one of two Canadian authors of the study.

Hildebrand is a professor at the University of Guelph’s department of economics and management.

His colleague, David McLeod, a senior economist at the Bank of Montreal, studied the coffee consumption habits of the Canadian public.

The researchers say the coffee habits of Canadians can be described as more flexible than those of most other countries.

The most popular drink in Canada, in terms of total consumption, is tea, followed by coffee, and then milk.

Hildrethbrand says Canadians drink their tea, milk and coffee at the same time.

“What we’re seeing here is the fact that Canadians are drinking different beverages than the average person in the United States and the European Union,” Hildrethmark says.

In Europe, people drink tea before breakfast, milk before lunch and coffee after dinner.

The U.S. and Canada drink their coffee after lunch, and milk before dinner.

But Canadians drink coffee during the day, while Americans drink tea after lunch.

In Europe, coffee is more prevalent during the afternoon and evening.

In the U.K., tea is the top beverage consumed by British people.

In Canada, tea is popular during the evenings and mornings, while coffee is the drink of choice during the weekend.

Hannesbrand says people in the U of T study did not seem to notice a difference between tea and coffee.

“I’m not sure that the coffee drinkers really seem to be aware of the differences,” he says.

The survey found that Canadians generally prefer tea over coffee in all but two of the countries.

Coffee drinkers are generally more tolerant of caffeine than tea drinkers, but coffee drinkers were less tolerant than tea-drinkers of caffeine.

“There’s definitely a lot of variability in coffee consumption in Canada,” Hildebrands says.

Hilary MacDougall, a professor of economics at the Ryerson University, says Canadians are not as concerned about caffeine as the rest of the world.

“The people in Canada who consume caffeine are not necessarily the people who are drinking it,” she says.

“It is definitely a smaller portion of the population than the Americans, but there is still a lot.”

The study has implications for Canadians who want to improve their health, says Hildebrothers.

“We need to understand what our health problems are and what we need to do to be healthier,” Hilebrands adds.

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