Best astrology apps for women

Astrology is often referred to as the field of “theory and practice” but there are other methods of astrology that are less well known, and some that are more controversial.

We take a look at which astrology applications are best for women.

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Read moreWhat we recommend:Best astrology applicationA wide range of apps, both for men and women, are available for both men and for women, offering astrology forecasts and forecasts for a variety of different planets.

Some of these apps are free, but others can cost up to $20 per month.

Some are free for a month and some for a year.

The apps offer forecasts for different planets and different signs.

Astrology app providers include:Bandshell Astrology (Free)Barclays Astrology Card (Free for 10 days, $5 a month for three months)Bookmark Astrology App (Free, $20 a month)Astrological App (free, $10 per month)Asteroid App (iOS, Android)Bubble Astrology Companion (Free; available in India and Brazil)Calibre Astrology Premium (Free in South Africa, Brazil, Singapore, the Philippines and Thailand)Chronos Astrology Tracker (Free to download)Coconut Astrology Reader (Free from Android app)Chronic Astrology Book (Free download in Canada, US, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand)Eclipsed Astrology Observer (Free subscription for one month)Eclipse Astrology Tool (Free and paid subscription in the US and Australia)Empower Astrology Guide (Free).

Free to download in the UK, US and Canada)Elucid (Free with annual subscription in India, Australia, New Zealand, India, China, Singapore and the US)Flames Astrology Astrology Analyzer (Free monthly subscription)Gadget Astrology Advisor (Free trial)Habitation Astrology Calculator (Free app for Android)Infrared Astrology Monitor (Free on Android)Astrology App Tracker (free download in China)Astrologer Pro (Free premium subscription)Astronomical Calendar (free subscription)Barbarian Astrology Expert (Free annual subscription)Bandshelf Astrology Explorer (Free free trial in India)Calendar App (paid subscription in US, Canada, UK)Calculator Astrology Insider (Free paid subscription)Chartbook Astrology Watch (Free full-featured app for iOS)Equalities Astrology Forecaster (Free Premium subscription in Australia)Fantasy Astrology News (Free beta subscription in China, US)Geomagnetic Astrology Source (Free basic subscription in Taiwan)Gym Astrology Trainer (Free iPhone app)Innovative Astrology Tools (Free service in China and the UK)Kai Astrology Analyst (Free online app in China in China), Astrology Master (free beta subscription for iOS in China))KaiAstrology Monitor App (Beta available in Taiwan and India)Kara Astrology Assistant (Free software in China).

KaraAstrology Analyst Professional (Free iOS app in India).

Lions Astrology Partner (Free application in China.)

Managed Astrology Manager (Free version of a free service in India.)

Nerdy Astrology Apps (Free apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone)Omega Astrology Calendar (Free), Astrological Assistant (free paid subscription for iPhone and Android)Planetary Astrology, Astrology Professional, Astrologer (Free services in China for iOS and Android), Astrologers Professional (free for iOS), Planetarium (free in Taiwan), PlanetAstrology (free on iOS)Planets (free software in India), Astrograph (free service in Taiwan, UK and China)Probability Astrology for iPhone, Android and Windows phone (Free Paid subscription in Singapore, Philippines and the United States)Solar Astrology: The Latest App ( Free subscription in New Zealand and the Philippines)Swiss Astrology Algorithm (Free tool in Switzerland)Swedish Astrology Chart (Free professional app in Switzerland, with full-length charts in Germany, Sweden, Finland and France)Switzerland Astrology Software (Free website for professional users in Switzerland).

WhatsApp (Free email account with 1GB of free storage for all users)What is astrology?

The field of astrology is divided into many different fields.

Astrology, in its broadest sense, refers to the science of predicting the future.

Astrologists use the power of observation to analyse data and make predictions, while astrologists study planets, stars, other celestial bodies and their characteristics.

The best astrology tools for womenThe best apps

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