Venus Group’s Astrology Events 2020: A guide

The Venus Group, which operates the largest astrology bookshop in the world, will be launching its own event series for the year, with Venus Group Astrology 2019.

Venus Group CEO Andy Gorman said the event series, which will be a mix of public and private events, will showcase some of the more “iconic” events in astrology for the public. 

“We want to give a great insight into what astrology is about, what it’s like to be part of a community and the things that you can expect in that community,” Gorman told ABC News.

“What you can really appreciate is that we are a global community, and we are really open to any event that is an opportunity to celebrate our members and the world of astrology,” he said.

“So we’ve created a special series of events where the members of the Venus Group can celebrate together.”

Gorman said one of the events in 2019 would be an “exclusive, public astrological experience,” where “all the members can meet up, have a chat, and share in the love of the planet”.

“There will be activities for you to enjoy as well as some activities to do outside the club,” he explained.

“There’s a lot of activities for the members and we want to have them as part of the experience.”

The company’s next event, in 2019, will see “some of the members meet up in their local area to have a bit of fun” and a chance to “meet people that they have been wanting to meet for a while”.

Gorman says the Venus group was originally set up in 1981 and has grown to be the “largest private, community-based astrology group in the US” with over 4,000 members. 

VenusGroup Astrology will be open to the public, and is open for booking at any time, so members can take part in events. 

The company is planning to open up a special online membership program for the 2019 event series in the first half of 2020. 

If you or someone you know is interested in participating, you can contact Venus Group on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or email them at [email protected]

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