How to get the best of both worlds: The best astrology wallpaper for the iPad and iPhone

Apple is planning to make its first foray into astrology with its new iPhone app, but the wallpaper will not be the same as its older app.

Instead, it will include the new and improved astrology app, as well as a bunch of new features that make it a better overall product.

The new Astrology app was announced earlier this week, and features a bunch new features.

The first one is a feature called ‘The Sky,’ which allows you to check out the astrological signs of the planets and their eclipses.

The feature also allows you and your loved ones to look up your favorite planets by moon phases and align them according to the solar calendar.

It can also help you calculate your date of birth.

The second feature is the ‘Astrological Calculator’ that allows you easily enter your planets’ dates and times in the app.

The app also allows users to create an online calendar of their dates and hours of the day.

The third feature is a brand new feature called the ‘Calculator Plus’ which allows users on the app to enter the correct astrolical calendar for the planets.

This calendar also includes a solar calendar and solar eclipse calendar.

The Astrology Calculator Plus is available for $3.99, but it will be discounted to $2.99 in the iOS App Store on July 18.

Apple is also offering the new astrolery app for free.

Apple is also launching a new astrology website in the App Store for the iPhone and iPad.

The site, called the Astrological Hub, is designed to help people better understand their astrolicals and astrology in general.

The Astrology Hub will have astrolically themed content, such as astrology calendars and the astrology blog, as its homepage.

Apple also unveiled a new iPhone and iPod Touch wallpaper.

The wallpaper is the same wallpaper as the iPhone app and it features a different image.

The image features a planet and moon in the middle, along with a line through it.

The wallpaper will be available for free on July 20 for iPhone and iOS 7 users.