Giancarlo Pascale: ‘It was just a game of catch’

It’s a classic story of a player who got too big for his boots and is now at the centre of a scandal, but it was all just a bit of catch.

Giancarlos Pascales Pascals’ father, Gianluca Pascalas, is a renowned astrologer and is the author of a book, which was released in December, detailing his son’s extraordinary growth from a 15-year-old boy to a man with an astonishing body of work.

The book is titled Pascalis: The Story of the New Age.

He says that the story of his son is the story for the next generation.

“We want to teach children that their bodies are not a matter of destiny and that they are part of nature,” he said.

“If we do not have that, they will become confused and be left behind.

They will be trapped and will never achieve what they want.”

The Pascalian family is not the only ones to blame for Pascali’s growth.

According to his biography, his father, who was born in 1891, died in 1956 and the young Pascallans’ mother died in 1971.

The family then moved to Rome, where Pascalo grew up.

In 1975, Pascalli was granted a teaching position in the Astrological Institute, a prestigious centre for astrology and the study of astrology.

Pascallo became the first person to be awarded the post.

“At the age of 21 I was teaching astrology in a school in Rome,” he recalled.

“There I studied the ancient and medieval texts of the sky.

I learned that the heavens were very important and that the stars and planets were important.

Pascallei’s research was not only related to astrology, he was also involved in the field of psychology and medicine. “

I also studied the cosmological theories of the Greeks, which included the theory that the universe is made up of a whole lot of tiny particles.”

Pascallei’s research was not only related to astrology, he was also involved in the field of psychology and medicine.

The Piscallans did not only have their eyes on a career in astrology; Pascalla was also studying for a PhD in psychology and was interested in how to deal with people who were having trouble concentrating.

“It was quite a struggle,” he told Italian news magazine, Il Giornale.

“When you’re a student and you are struggling, you try to focus.

I had this idea that if I can do it, others can too.

It was the first time that I started to realise that my dream was not just about astrology.”

Piscalli eventually graduated from the institute in 1978 and began teaching, teaching for the first two years, before retiring in 1984.

He worked for seven years at the institute, teaching the students who would eventually become famous: Gianlucio Berardi, Giancarli Palazzolo, Gianni Modena and Cesare Sanguinetti.

“The idea that I could teach astrology to young children, to my students, was not the aim of the institute,” Pascala said.

Pescallini’s first wife, Paola, was also a student at the institution, where he taught the psychology of psychology.

“My dream was to give them a chance to learn about psychology and psychology,” he explained.

“But I also knew that I had to find a way to work within the system.

I wanted to be the one to take care of them.”

Pescalli also taught psychology in other schools and even became the head of the psychology department at a secondary school in Florence.

But Pascolini did not give up on his dream of teaching astrological studies.

In 1990, he began working in the university of Bologna and was promoted to the position of professor.

“His dream was a dream that I realised very soon,” Pescali said.

He wanted to create a new world of science, “which would be free of prejudice and prejudices”.

In 1991, Pescalini was promoted as the first head of his department.

The job came with a very demanding schedule.

“You had to do your homework in five days,” he recalls.

“Your first week was to study the scientific theories of evolution, evolution of the human race, and of the universe.”

After that, you had to study astrology for two weeks, which involved four weeks of lectures.

“In each lecture, you have to explain the ideas of the planets and the stars.

Then you had three hours to study philosophy, the Bible, the ethics of medicine and so on.

It wasn’t just about the study but also about the training,” Piscallo said. “

And this was the most important time of my life.

It wasn’t just about the study but also about the training,” Piscallo said.

During the first week of each lecture he would be introduced to a group of students. They would

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