Chinese astrology has hit $2 billion milestone

China has hit a milestone with its astrology business, the largest-ever worldwide.

The Chinese government estimates that more than $2.7 billion worth of astrology books and services have been sold worldwide.

That represents about 5 percent of the total book sales in the world.

China’s Astrology Market: What You Need to Know by China Astrology International Association is available on Amazon and in stores in China and the United States.

The company’s chief executive officer, Yang Yuqing, said China had a new market that surpassed $2bn.

He expects that number to grow to $5 billion in five years.

China, a country of 8 million people, is the world’s largest consumer of astrological services.

Its government has created a ministry of science and technology, which oversees astrology in the country, and its legislature has approved astrology as a state-approved religion.

China is also home to the world-first countrywide national Chinese astrolographic contest, the Astrological Chinese Supervision and Promotion Contest, or ACCSCP, which opened in 2016.

The Astrolological Chinese Supermission and Promotion contest has grown to include over 5,000 competitions worldwide and has produced more than 1,500 entries from over 70 countries.

The ACCS CP also has a national competition, the China Astrolography Supervision Contest, which includes competitions in Beijing, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Taipei, Guangzhou, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hubei, Guangyan, Guizhou, Zhejiang, and Zhequan.

The new Astrolographic Chinese Superperception Contest is expected to be held this year in Beijing.

Yang said the Astrology Chinese SuperPerception Contest, like the ACCS, is an international competition and that China’s Astrolographical Competitions Commission has already approved Astrology China as a recognized religion in its list of approved religions.

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