Which of these signs will make you happy? A guide to Astrology’s 5 most important signs

5th house Aries – sign of health, love, happiness and optimism, energetic and loving source ABC New Zealand article Aries is associated with the seasons of summer and autumn, and is also associated with summer and winter solstice.

It’s a sign that marks a time of intense physical activity and relaxation.

It is also a sign associated with wealth, success and prosperity.

It also marks the end of the year and the beginning of winter.

It can be associated with fertility, creativity and confidence.

It has been linked with a host of benefits, including increased mental well-being, reduced stress and anxiety and improved health and longevity.

It tends to be more positive than neutral, meaning it tends to make people happier.

It indicates the beginnings of spring.

Buxom Buxoms – sign for women, love of women, and sex source ABC Australian article Buxos are associated with female sexuality, which can also indicate a strong desire for sexual relations.

It means you have a strong, powerful desire for sex.

Bucephalus – sign that means good luck, luck to those who win, and fortune source ABC Australia article Bucephals are associated not only with luck, but with great luck and luck to come.

It suggests you have good fortune and good luck to have good luck.

Buell – sign representing the heart, health, and love of man source ABC The Australian article In addition to its association with good fortune, Buels can be a sign of a healthy heart and a healthy body.

It signifies that you are connected to the soul, the heart and the life force.

It could also be associated either with the moon, the sun or the seasons.

Diamanda Gallegos – sign to the south, a sign for the South, and an auspicious sign for South America source ABC A New Zealand source ABC South Australia source ABC Source: ABC News